Maglia Tra

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A long-sleeved T-shirt, with surprising sleeves. Sleeves that you can wear. Sleeves that you can tie in a knot or turn into necks and shoulder straps.

How many ways to wear it?

  • Waisted. With a lower neckline and the sleeves knotted around your waist or on your back. 3/4 length.
  • U-shaped. The sleeves are slightly pulled and then knotted behind your neck. 3/4 length.
  • Cross front. The sleeves are twisted together three times and then knotted behind your neck. 3/4 length.
  • Knot front. The sleeves are first knotted together and then again behind your neck. 3/4 length.

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"'Convertible begins with a C, like Convenient, Compatible, Consistent and many other family names, but that doesn't mean anything. It takes more to belong to the Convertible Family.

No slippers.

No such things as "comfortable home clothes".

No gym suits.

And, please, only wear your pajamas to bed.

That's what makes us a family - our aesthetic vision.

When you go out, you should dress with high-quality fabrics.

Just like me, you see? I love this convertible shirt in bamboo.

My dear, there are rules to be followed.'

'Yes, Mum, you're right. By the way, what do you think about my grey gym joggers?'

'Oh dear, I didn't see them... But did you hear what I was saying? Those joggers - you should throw them away, that's what you should do, 'cause you belong to the Convertible Family.'

'Yes, yes, I got it, Mum. I'm going out. Bye.'"

100% bamboo

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