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Super unstructured jacket.

3/4 length or shorter. Oversized or regular neck.

It's up to you.

You can close it as you like with the magnetic button.

Available in hemp or cotton.

How many ways to wear it?

  • As a 3/4-length open cardigan.
  • As a jacket, to be closed with the magnetic button.
  • Turn the garment 180°, and it becomes shorter and with a bigger neck.

Guida alle taglie


"Ellipse with button in the morning

ellipse. In geometry, a closed plane curve tracing the intersection of a cone with an inclined plane (see cone). In astronomy, all orbits are approximately an ellipse, such as the orbit of each planet in the solar system (with the Sun at one focus point) and the orbit of satellites around planets.

For me, it's a convertible jacket in hemp I bought online. It's my new work outfit and I'm so keen on this blue - I just don't have to lose the magnetic button that closes it.

I'm late, I cross the street and run because I see an empty taxi and - I knew it! - I lose the button that shouldn't be lost.

Where is it? Luckily the magnet is strong, the button is still there... but my taxi, alas, is not."

100% cotone
100% canapa
Lana Cotone
70% Cotone - 30% Lana
Lana Viscosa
65% Viscosa 30% Lana 5% Elastan

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