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Cardigan, sweater or jacket - as you like it. Play with the neck (without taking it off) and decide what you want to wear.

Available in Fuoco, cotton and hemp.

How many ways to wear it?

  • As a sweater, with a loose neckline.
  • As a cape, pulling one sleeve through the neckline.
  • As a jacket, throwing the neckline over the head.
  • With neckline crossed on front.
  • As a cardigan, with the neckline draped over your shoulders.

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"1 for 4, all for one!

Rumor has it that Alexandre Dumas père, strolling through the streets of Paris after lunch, in search of inspiration for The Three Musketeers, saw a young girl with a peculiar convertible jacket.

She was showing it to a friend, while swiftly twisting the neckline, turning her garment into a sweater, a cardigan, and many other things.

What an amazing transformation! - the writer thought. With a single piece of clothing, you can have many.

Like a wearable team spirit - he said to himself. Something like 'one for all...'."

100% cotone
100% canapa
100% bamboo

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